Founded in 1989 we are a full service licensed building contractor in the State of Hawaii. Honesty and integrity has carried us through a fickle building industry and our proven success, and longevity as a business is a result of our devoted commitment to provide quality, and excellence towards achieving a superior product, and exceeding customer satisfaction.
We continually strive to exceed our high standards by providing a complete and accountable construction process from pre-construction to completion. Budgetary, timeline, and construction phase management are at the forefront of all of our Client/Builder relationships regardless of the size of the project scope.​


As a full service contractor we provide complete residential, and commercial construction, cosmetic redesign, and remodeling. We employ a core group of proven craftsmen, and sub-contractors who have established an exemplary reputation in their fields as dependable, skilled professionals. This singular concept has enabled Waiola Construction to provide a superior product attaining the highest levels of excellence, value, and distinction.
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We are an established consulting firm within multiple construction arenas. We have assisted with great success both the seasoned and first time project developers. We help you manage your project from pre-construction to occupancy by establishing budget needs and goals, cost evaluation, trade selection, managment, and sequencing. Most importantly with a thorough review we uncover hidden obstacles, and hurdles that not only hinder forward progress but may also increase bottom line cost. We help you to fully understand and employ sound construction principles and methods.


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Client submitted architectual drawings, trade proposal documents, supplier's material quote's encompassing all phases of the project scope are meticulously reviewed and evaluated. Thru this method we are able to provide essential report assessments that enables the client to make an educated decision in supplier and contractor selection.


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The Commercial Tenant Improvement construction arena continues to be an integral facet of Waiola Construction. We perform both new space construction to existing space design build renovations. From complex luxury hotel and business offices, sport centers, to simple farm land support structures and facilities. Regardless of the project scope we have the means and capacity to provide a complete and superior finished product while providing an accelerated project delivery schedule to have your facility operational as quickly as possible.


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From new construction to custom design build we have built a reputation of excellence. We work closely with home and business owners in every phase of a project to ensure a smooth and streamlined build.

Building Green has come to the forefront of our building vision and mission.We strive to be active in front-loading the design, budget, and construction details of a green structural envelope and landscaped surroundings that results in a life long energy efficient, money saving home, and property. We are a GA Certified business and are fully dedicated to provide, educate, and promote LEED guidelines and construction methods within all of our projects. Commercial Tenant Improvement.


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We provide an unbiased link with both the client and the clients attorney. This service is used as an investigative and discovery engine to ascertain facts pertaining to discrepancies involving construction principles, methods and UBC(Universal Building Code) guidelines. We have in instances provided court testimony as an expert construction consultant in regards to building code violations, as built violations, and deficiencies in craftsmanship. We have represented residential and commercial owners as well as AOAO and Homeowners Associations.

In some instances legal recourse can be avoided by an investigative project review or contractual interpretation. This avoids lengthy arbitration, attorney costs, and undo stress.


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Safeguard Property Services Hawaii is a registered subsidiary of Waiola Construction. We are a premier provider in securing and safeguarding distressed real properties throughout the State of Hawaii in both the residential and commercial markets. We specialize in Bank Recovery Foreclosures (REO), privately held residential, and commercial properties. We secure, maintain and protect your assets throughout the selling, owner transitions, as well as foreclosure procedures. ​ Strategic planning and a current knowledge of industry trends allows us to keep you informed and up to date to enable you to make the right choices and decisions regarding your assets while maintaining and securing your property. ​

  • 24 hour Re-Key or Lock Change
  • Property Assessment Report Interior and Exterior
  • Abandoned Property Clean Out
  • Landscape/Yard Recovery and Maintenance
  • Cosmetic and Structural Repairs
  • appliance removal and Storage Capabilities
  • Periodic property security checks
  • Property Management


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